The Armstrong House

The Armstrong House, home of Bouhan Falligant LLP, is a four-story granite and glazed brick Italian Renaissance home designed by Henrik Wallin and built by Olaf Otto during the years of 1916 to 1919. It was the home of George Ferguson Armstrong, his wife Lucy Camp Armstrong, and their daughter Lucy. Mr. Armstrong earned a national reputation due to his ingenuity in the maritime and shipping business at Strachan Shipping Company during World War I. In 1935, Mrs. Lucy Camp Armstrong Moltz and her daughter donated the Armstrong home and gardens to the City of Savannah to help establish a city-supported junior college. The home and gardens were the centerpiece of the 1.3 acre Armstrong Junior College, which is today Armstrong State University. Classes began in September of 1935 with 175 students. The opening was recognized in The Atlanta Constitution with the observation that the Armstrong House was “the finest and most costly junior college building in the United States.” In January 1966 the college moved to the Southside property donated by the Lane Foundation. In 1970, the predecessor law firm of Bouhan Falligant acquired the home from antique dealer and preservationist James A. Williams.


Armstrong House Photo