October 26, 2016

Workers’ Compensation Fraud: What Small Businesses Need to Know

By B.H. Levy, Jr., Bouhan Falligant LLP

Special to Business in Savannah

Six weeks ago, two Lee County residents — including the owner of a local insurance agency — were arrested for conspiring to create multiple fraudulent certificates of insurance. The certificates, which indicate proof of workers’ compensation insurance, were then presented to a Lee County […]

September 25, 2016

Motor Carriers, Commercial Drivers to Potentially Face New Rules Relating to Fatigue & Sleep Disorder

By Dennis Keene, Bouhan Falligant

Special to Business in Savannah

According to the National Survey of Long-Haul Truck Driver Health and Injury conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), more than half of commercial truck drivers smoke, 70 percent are considered obese and nearly one-third suffer from sleep apnea.

Someone who has sleep apnea repeatedly starts […]

August 17, 2016

Lobbying on the Local Level: Tips for Small Businesses

By D. Jay Thaw, Bouhan Falligant

Special to Business in Savannah

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, lobbying spending has more than doubled since 1998, going from $1.45 billion to $3.22 billion in 2015. Last year’s top five spenders nationally included the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ($84 million), the National Association of Realtors ($37 million), […]

Bouhan Falligant Attorneys Named Best Lawyers in America 2017

Bouhan Falligant is pleased to announce nine of its attorneys were recently selected for inclusion in the 2017 Best Lawyers in America. The designation honors those who have been selected by their peers for outstanding achievements in their respective practice areas.

“Being recognized by Best Lawyers in America is an honor not only for […]

Savannah Morning News Covers Newlead Castellano Story

The crew of the Newlead Castellano, a cargo ship that’s been a fixture on the horizon off the coast of Tybee for nearly four months, can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The vessel, in port in April to offload a shipment of raw sugar, was seized by U.S. marshals and […]

Newlead Castellano Story Featured on NPR

Since April, the Newlead Castellano has been anchored off the Georgia coast, near Savannah — with a crew on board that couldn’t come ashore.

Now, after several motionless months, the Filipino sailors are close to heading home. The auction of the ship is bringing an end to what Splash247, a maritime news site, called a […]

Bouhan Falligant Partner Todd Baiad Interviewed by WABE

Bouhan Falligant partner Todd Baiad was interviewed by WABE about the Newlead Castellano, which has been anchored off the coast of Tybee Island since April.

“They seem to be in good spirits,” Baiad said. “Would I want to be stuck on that ship since April? No. But I think it’s something they’re probably a little […]

July 31, 2016

Bouhan Falligant Partner Maggie Puccini Installed as President-Elect of Savannah Bar Association

Four attorneys were sworn in as officers of The Savannah Bar Association for 2016-17. They are: President Mathew M. McCoy, McCorkle & Johnson LLP; President-elect Margaret Puccini, Bouhan Falligant LLP; Treasurer Robert C. Hughes III, Lueder Larkin & Hunter LLC; and Secretary Leesa A. Bohler, Moore, Clark, DuVall & Rodgers.

Bouhan Falligant Partner Todd Baiad Interviewed by WTOC

Just six miles off the coast of Tybee Island is an abandoned ship with its crew still on board.

The boat has been anchored at sea for months after the company that owned the vessel defaulted on the loan.

The Newlead Castellano was arrested by U.S. Marshals when it was making a sugar delivery at Imperial […]

The Business of Endorsements

By Benjamin W. Karpf, Bouhan Falligant LLP

Special to Business in Savannah


Social media has changed the way businesses of all sizes market their products and services. Today, it is much easier for businesses to use the opinions of ordinary consumers for promotion. Individuals can also have an outsize influence on certain markets. For example, think […]